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  • We provide same day service!
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  • Our technicians are factory trained and certified!
  • Our prices are the best in the Tri-State area!
  • Our work and your satisfaction are guaranteed!
  • Our parts and labor are warrantied, providing you with the peace of mind!
  • Our team is professional and courteous!
  • We have over 20 years of copier and printer copier expertise!
  • We are an authorized factory service center for all major brands!
  • We are experts in all copier repairs, LaserJet, Multi-Function, and DesignJet printer repair and service!

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Xerox Copier Repair Service

If your business is located in New York or New Jersey and you need repairs on your Xerox Copier, give Alligator Copier Repair a call today at (800)-458-6637. Our dedicated, copier technicians have the extensive knowledge, experience, and training to troubleshoot and maintain the entire line of Xerox copiers and printers. When it comes to repairing Xerox printers and copiers, nobody is better equipped than Alligator Copier Repair.

Xerox copiers and printers are recognized for the superior quality of their paper handling as well as the durability of their individual components such as document feeders and output trays. In addition, Xerox copiers and printers are easily adapted to a wide range of office applications and Xerox machines are upgradable to incorporate more advanced finishing accessories. Xerox copiers are also known to have friendly and easy to use interfaces, heavier paper handling, greater paper capacity and tools that allow you to restrict access and track usage for cost control. Xerox copiers are designed to handle your workgroup volumes and can automate repetitive processes and customize workflows. Thanks to features such as network authentication, print and scan encryption for safe data transfers and image overwrite, confidential data stays private over your network.

Alligator Copier Repair technicians have an unrivaled amount of knowledge of printing processes, materials, image processing, and working knowledge of all Xerox copiers and printers. Our technicians are certified to work on and repair all Xerox equipment including:

  • Xerox Workcentere Black and White Multifunction Printers
  • Xerox Workcentere Color Multifunction Printers
  • Xerox Phaser Black and White Printers
  • Xerox Phaser Color Printers
  • Xerox ColorQube Printers
  • Xerox ColorQube Multifunction Printers models.

Don’t hire just any old Xerox copier repair company when you can hire the best. At Alligator Copier Repair, we can help you get your Xerox copier fixed in no time.


Scheduling a Xerox Copier Repair Service Technician

We provide services for one-time repairs or what we call “as-needed” services. We also offer the option for our customers to sign up for a service plan contract for printers, copiers, and multifunctional systems. This contract essentially serves as a safety net for your investment in our services. We offer both annual and monthly service contracts and with this contract, you may schedule a service call at any time for any reasons, which allows you to sidestep the initial procedures of getting approved and scheduling an on-site service. You will also have priority over our one-time customers.

The contract includes scheduled maintenance for preventive measures as accumulated dust and dirt are the primary causes of problems with Xerox copiers. Even issues that seem unrelated to cleanliness, such as over-heating, can be traced back to a gradual build-up of dust particles. Our copier repair routine cleaning can noticeably increase the functional quality of your Xerox Copier. By agreeing to this service plan, you will never encounter hidden or surprise fees and minimize future repair costs significantly. We can assure you that by joining one of our service plans, you will maximize the lifetime of your equipment and avoid tremendous amounts of wasted time and stress! We service all of the Tri-state areas.

Our professional technicians are certified, well-trained, and have a great amount of factory experience. We assure you the highest quality repairs by using original manufacturers parts. Our on-site repair services are offered as an “as-needed” meaning that it is a one time repair as we bill you just for the materials and labor for that one fix. We also offer the option for a service plan contract, which we highly recommend. This contract essentially protects your investment in our services as it acts as a safety net for your equipment. With our yearly service contract, you will have priority service and there is no limit to the frequency or extent of the issue. Scheduled maintenance is also included in our service plan for preventive measures. Maintenance is important for printer, copiers, and multifunctional machines because periodical cleaning is necessary for quality operations as most if not all problems with these machines are due to accumulated dirt and dust. The biggest advantage of having our service plan is the relief of bypassing the initial steps of gathering and calculating costs, getting your machine approved before repair, and scheduling an onsite service. Instead, you can place a service call at any time for any reason and you will receive priority over the customers without a service contract. This small extra investment can extend your equipment’s lifetime and end up saving you a fortune in the long run. This will save you money, time, and frustration!


Xerox Copier Repair Service Technician

For Xerox Copier Repair for many models, let our experience get you up and running fast. We’ve streamlined the process of repairing all Xerox. When you call you’ll talk immediately to a knowledgeable service manager that will send you a no-obligation quote right to your email. When you are ready for service, just simply click the service button in the email and your fast onsite next day service will be scheduled. We’ve been performing Xerox maintenance and look forward to servicing your Xerox today!

Contact us now at 1-800-458-6637 to get the best rates around.

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