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  • Our technicians are factory trained and certified!
  • Our prices are the best in the Tri-State area!
  • Our work and your satisfaction are guaranteed!
  • Our parts and labor are warrantied, providing you with the peace of mind!
  • Our team is professional and courteous!
  • We have over 20 years of copier and printer copier expertise!
  • We are an authorized factory service center for all major brands!
  • We are experts in all copier repairs, LaserJet, Multi-Function, and DesignJet printer repair and service!

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Copiers For Sale In One Machine (MFPs) 

Copiers today have become more than just luxury items, they have become a necessity, especially for businesses. They can do more than just copy a file, now they can print and send faxes to other companies as well. This transformation has come about through the creation of multifunction products (MFPs).

Multifunction Products (MFPs) are powerful systems able to print, copy, scan, and fax. HP Multifunction Products are designed for doing business in the 21st Century connected, industrious, and highly efficient. These multifunction products can print pages in excess of 25 pages per minute and print colors and black and white very easily.

  • HP MFPs are 20-40% less expensive than the collective costs of single-function products that print, copy and fax.
  • MFPs require 40-50% less space than the full suite of single-function products.
  • MFPs simplify the office environment by allowing the customer to manage, support and service fewer devices.
  • MFPs can print, copy, fax and digitally send documents – all with the reliability of HP.
  • MFPs offers wireless network connectivity for ease of setup and can print anywhere in your office.

It is useful to consider the features and functions of an MFP before integrating it into a home or office environment. It is possible to have an MFP with almost all of the features and functions.  At Alligator Copier Repair, we strive to get the right fit for you. There are many types of MFPs to choose from. The following are all the different types of MFP’s:

  1. All-in-one:
    A small desktop printer, designed for home or home-office use.
  2. SOHO MFP:
    A small freestanding or large desktop printer, designed for small office or home office use.
  3. Office MFP:
    A medium sized printer, designed as a central office system.
  4. Production printing MFP:
    A large free-standing printer, designed as a central printing device.

Alligator has exclusive long-term agreements with Copier/Printer manufacturers such as HP, Xerox, Kyocera, Canon, etc. that allow us to purchase their machines at their lowest prices possible, lower than our competitors. We pass along the savings to you, sometimes even at near cost especially for our regular customers.

Alligator Copier Repair has perfected the art of professionally selling copiers in the New York City area. With our vast knowledge and experience of copiers for sale and just about every type of copier imaginable, we pride ourselves on our high customer retention rate and our service plan savings. We have the best trained, certified technicians in New York City at Alligator Copier Repair to fix and repair all any type of copier that you may have.

The digital age has brought many marvelous innovations, with technology today exponentially improving, but we believe the idea of a paperless future has been greatly exaggerated. Now that once-expensive technology like color laser has become affordable for small and medium-sized businesses, paper and document production are only increasing. It’s fine to have your files in the cloud, but we believe that companies should always have a hard copy backup for insurance purposes. That’s why we stress the importance of looking into purchasing a copier.


Copiers For Sale Services

At Alligator Copier Repair, we offer dependable service and personalized maintenance service for each client. Our professional technicians are certified, well-trained, and have a great amount of factory experience. We assure you the highest quality repairs by using original manufacturers parts. Our on-site repair services are offered as an “as-needed” meaning that it is a one time repair as we bill you just for the materials and labor for that one fix. We also offer the option for a service plan contract, which we highly recommend. This contract essentially protects your investment in our services as it acts as a safety net for your equipment. With our yearly service contract, you will have priority service and there is no limit to the frequency or extent of the issue. Scheduled maintenance is also included in our service plan for preventive measures. Maintenance is important for printer, copiers, and multifunctional machines because periodical cleaning is necessary for quality operations as most if not all problems with these machines are due to accumulated dirt and dust. The biggest advantage of having our service plan is the relief of bypassing the initial steps of gathering and calculating costs, getting your machine approved before repair, and scheduling an onsite service. Instead, you can place a service call at any time for any reason and you will receive priority over the customers without a service contract. This small extra investment can extend your equipment’s lifetime and end up saving you a fortune in the long run. This will save you money, time, and frustration!

Our extensively-stocked warehouse ensures faster service for all organizations, large and small. We promise that our services follow a high standard and professionalism for your business needs. We have a variety of copiers for sale and available. No matter what type of copier or printer you are looking to purchase, Alligator Copier Repair has a solution for you. We are leaders in providing top quality printers and copiers for sale in the NYC tri-state area and have years of experience repairing and diagnosing copier and printer issues, so you know you are getting a top quality printer or copier when you buy from Alligator Copier Repair. If you’re in the market to purchase a Multifunction Printer for your business or home, give us a call at 800-458-6637 or email us at today!

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